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It was 1970 once-spectacular home Leonard Thornbrugh had built in 1936 in Sweet Home, Oregon into a restaurant serving home-baked pies and fresh burgers to hungry vacationers and locals alike. This every popular restaurant would be called The Point, and it has continuously operated in that very spot, overlooking beautiful Foster Lake, for over 40 years.


The Point began offering hand-cut steaks and fresh seafood, and a steady stream of diners came back time after time for the food, the service, and the warm welcome they always received (and still do). Though The Point Restaurant is known for its sweeping view of Foster Lake and its tranquil outdoor seating area, it may be even better known for the baked goods. In fact, visitors from all over the United States make special trips to Sweet Home just to enjoy our famous Marionberry cobbler and raisin sour cream pies. Recently, the “craisin sour cream” has been also introduced with great remarks. In 1983, 13-year-old Michael Hall began mowing the grass around the restaurant to earn some money for school clothes. A year later, he was asked to wash The Point Restaurant’s windows. Always determined to make a dollar, Michael was determined to learn this business he so much enjoyed..

The Point Restaurant and Lounge Outdoor Dining in Sweet Home

Outside dining with view of Foster Lake

For the next few years, Michael worked in the kitchen at The Point Restaurant. At 17, he began waiting tables, and at 18, he was promoted to Assistant Manager of the restaurant. He spent several years in that role, until he and his wife, Mirasol, were finally able to purchase The Point Restaurant in November of 2009.


Today, The Point Restaurant is still known for its homemade desserts. And Michael has made great strides in updating The Point Restaurant’s offerings to the highest standards of quality. Michael and his staff serve only the finest locally-sourced Angus beef and the freshest seafood straight from the Pacific Ocean. Bread is baked fresh daily, and The Point Restaurant now offers gluten-free breads to meet the diverse dietary needs of our customers. 


Come see a part of Sweet Home, Oregon’s history and enjoy a casually elegant dining experience like no other. Stay in Sweet Home or at Foster Lake, where you can enjoy boating and camping all summer long. We’ll look forward to seeing you right here at The Point Restaurant.

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